About Us

Welcome to Room-86! We are a small independent business with the mission of sourcing unique, quirky home decor goods that allow you to reflect your personality through the magnificent things in your home! We love eclectic furnishings! Thank you for taking the time to visit our little online shop.

Room-86 is a small online shop that aims to provide products that allow you to showcase your personality through the things in and around your home, whether that's through a quirky ornament, a stylish planter, some luxurious dried grass or with a waft of soothing incense! 


Room-86 is owned by Ross and Jen, a couple from the North of England, Ramsbottom to be specific. We love when we are able to find something different to place in our home, something that people look at and think 'That's different!'. And here in comes the creation of Room-86. We have found that sourcing such items can be somewhat of a difficulty, having to visit lots of different shops and scaling the internet endlessly for that perfect item. We therefore wanted to offer an online site that provides you with all the weird and wonderful things that you can place around your home; to make your home your space that reflects who you are.


Alongside sourcing unique items ourselves, we also want to use our platform to support other small businesses, allowing them to showcase their incredible work. Contact us if you'd like to work with us!

If you have any questions then please don't hesitate to contact us, we'd love to hear from you! 

Enjoy your visit to our website and we hope to see you again and again.


Jen and Ross